Powerjack & Charging Port Repair Service in Alexandria, VA

If your laptop or tablet’s power adapter is no longer fitting securely into its charging port, it may be time for a new powerjack. Even if your computer continues to work and charge with the power cord at a certain angle, you are risking shorting out your motherboard – a repair generally much more expensive that replacing the powerjack alone. We service many tablets and all laptops including Toshiba, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple (MacBook Pro & MacBook Air MagSafe board). Turnaround time depends on powerjack availability. Use the form below and include a picture and model number to expedite the repair process.

Here at Top Tech Computers we have all the right tools to get any job done. With a focus on all things Apple we are currently offering GPU repair on all 2011 MBP both the 15″ and 17″ units.  All repairs come with replacing the defective GPU, and a 6 month warranty. Check out the video to the left and see our work on the 2011 MacBook Pros as we fix the GPU.